23 December 2011, Press Release Regarding The Attacks Perpetrated In The Iraqi Capital Baghdad.

Bağdat Büyükelçiliği 23.12.2011

We have learned with great sorrow that 57 people lost their lives and about 200 people were injured as a result of the bomb attacks perpetrated in 14 different locations in the Iraqi capital Baghdad in the morning hours of 22 December, according to initial reports.

We strongly condemn these inhumane terrorist attacks aiming to draw Iraq into an internal conflict. Furthermore, we extend our condolences to our Iraqi brothers who lost their relatives in the attacks and we wish a speedy recovery to the injured.

We hope that the brotherly Iraqi people, taking lessons from the past, will act with common sense in the face of these heinous terrorist acts targeting the culture of tolerance, democracy and co-existence and that they will not allow their country to relapse into a spiral of violence.

The above-mentioned terrorist attacks indicate also that some circles are trying to exploit the latest political developments in the immediate aftermath of the completion of the U.S. military forces’ withdrawal from Iraq, which are followed by the international community with concern.

In this regard, Turkey believes that all concerned parties in Iraq should act in a spirit of common sense, responsibility and reconciliation, and exert efforts to reduce the political tension.

Turkey, having exerted every effort for preservation of the territorial integrity, peace and stability of Iraq and for the security and well-being of the Iraqi people, will continue to act in solidarity with our Iraqi brothers.

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